Thousands of visitors each year flock to Phillip Island to see the Little Penguins make their way up the beach to their homes for the night. Several tour operators take guests to see the event, but only one Little Penguin Bus. What makes us special? Glad you asked.

First, we offer tours to small groups only – an important part of a truly memorable and personalised tour experience. Our Phillip Island Evening Tour is for groups of up to 11 only. We also offer this once-in-a-lifetime experience at lower prices than you’ll find at any other tour group. We are nature lovers ourselves and believe that everyone should be able to share in this experience and see for themselves the rewards of conservation efforts and the beauty of the Phillip Island Penguins. Our tour guides are friendly and professional and have deep knowledge of the local area and its history. We also offer a range of your options, so you can find the one that suits your preferences perfectly.

Our Evening Tours and Bookings

Some of the choices you have when you book with The Little Penguin Bus include:

  • Budget Penguin Express: This eight-hour tour takes you directly to Penguin Parade, where you can view their nightly journey from the General Viewing area.
  • Premium Penguin Express: Also eight hours in duration the Premium Penguin Express Tour allows you to view the events from the smaller premium seating area.
  • Penguin Express with Guided Ranger Tour: Where you will join a penguin parade- conducted ranger tour and enjoy the evening’s sights from especially reserved beachfront seats.
  • Penguin Express with Ultimate Adventure Tour: The perfect choice for serious nature lovers, this tour allows you to observe the penguins in a more natural setting, separate from the main Penguin Parade.

About Your Little Penguin Bus Phillip Island Penguin Tour

When you book a tour with The Little Penguin Bus, you’ll depart from Melbourne and learn about the city as you travel through the south-eastern suburbs. We’ll stop for a short break halfway to the island, and then complete the scenic journey. We’ll share interesting facts about Phillip Island and the Little Penguins, take a short walk at The Nobbies if there’s time, and spot penguin burrows, wild swamp wallabies, and other wildlife before arriving at the Penguin Parade with time to spare for a snack or some souvenir shopping. We’ll give you plenty of time to view the penguins and then take you safely home to any accommodation in Melbourne’s city centre, Southbank, or Docklands. Ready to book? Contact us here today and get ready for the tour of a lifetime.