When visiting Melbourne, there is so very much to see and do. One of the highlights of any trip to Melbourne is to take a trip to Phillip Island to see the incredible Parade of Penguins. This unusual spectacle of swaying penguins is sure to enchant all who have the opportunity to witness these adorable birds.

The Parade of Penguins features the smallest species of penguins known as little penguins. The little birds only stand about 33 cm and way a mere kilogram with the males only slightly heavier than the females. The little penguins leave their sand burrow nest in the mornings to fish and feast all day. As the sun begins to set, the birds are ready to head back to their nests. They waddle up the dunes where you can observe them returning home.

When you take a Phillip Island penguin tour with The Little Penguin Bus, you may choose from a range of penguin viewing options There is a range of prices to suit all budgets.

Our independently owned and operated tour bus company, The Little Penguin Bus, offers only small group tours at very affordable prices. We do all the driving, and all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular scenery while learning about the history of Phillip Island and the Penguin Parade.

Feel Like Royalty with Our VIP Penguin Tours and Phillip Island Express Tours

Would you like to have a tour that gives you more options to view the penguins with fewer crowds around you? Book one of our Premium Penguin Express tours to Phillip Island where you will have the chance to see the penguins from the more intimate premium seating area. You will be close to the beachfront viewing stands and boardwalks which give you a nice close look at the penguins.

You may also choose an optional add-on for access to the exclusive up close and personal Underground Viewing area. How exciting this is to be eye-level with the penguins as they march right past you. Don’t hesitate to book today as these VIP premium tours sell out quickly.

Small Groups and Affordable Prices to Phillip Island

The Little Penguin Bus company has been offering small group, affordably priced penguin tours for over seven years. Touring with us will provide you a delightful, informative, and professional touring experience. Our guides are very knowledgeable and friendly and love to share information about the penguins at Phillip Islands. Our comfortable minibuses only hold eleven people, so you will never feel overcrowded while traveling to see the Penguin Parade.

Our no fuss, simple and secure online booking system is a breeze to use, and when you book your tour, you will receive instant confirmation. All you need to do is pack a light jacket, wear comfortable shoes and come with a sense of wonderment for the upcoming penguin extravaganza.

Call us today and let our friendly staff help you decide on the perfect penguin half day tour to Phillip Island.