Phillip Island Bus Tours Through Melbourne’s Best Little Tour Bus Company

Taking a bus tour when you’re travelling is an excellent way to see the countryside, but for people going in small groups, it doesn’t always seem practical. After all, hiring a bus can be an expensive affair, and you don’t necessarily want to risk taking a tour with strangers who could ruin the experience for you and your loved ones. Sometimes, the best way to get out and see the wonders of an area like Phillip Island is by keeping the experience tight, intimate and focused. But how can you do that on a bus trip?

The answer is quite simple: hire a small vehicle exclusively for yourself and your group. This travel method makes it much easier to have the tourism experience that you want, without any of the risks or headaches associated with travelling in big crowds. If you’re looking for a bus tour of Phillip Island, then there’s an excellent small bus company available! The Little Penguin Bus has been offering a variety of tours to Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road for five years, providing service that is personal, professional and friendly.

The Advantage of Hiring a Small Vehicle for Your Phillip Island Bus Tour

Small bus companies like ours are ideal for Phillip Island bus tours for many reasons. First of all, we’re a lot cheaper than hiring a big bus, which makes us a cost-effective option for families and small groups who just want to explore the area without distractions. In fact, our company specialises in seeking out natural wildlife, and spectacular scenery instead of visiting zoos and other tourist attractions, which we find makes for a more authentic experience. We also offer more flexible itineraries than big bus companies, which means that you’ll be able to budget time more efficiently for the other things you want to do while you’re travelling. You won’t have to cut your activities short for one of our bus tours because you’ll have more control over when the trip happens.

Great Drivers with Unbeatable Area Knowledge

We’re a small company, but that means we’ve been able to pay particular attention to our staff. Everyone who drives for The Little Penguin Bus is well-informed about the area and everything in it, so that if you have questions while the tour is underway they can give you the information you need. They’re also trained to be friendly and professional, so you can enjoy your time with us while you learn about your surroundings. Best of all, the size of our vehicles and the experience of our staff means that we’re able to access places that larger vehicles with less knowledgeable drivers can’t. Our bus tours often have unique itineraries that can only be offered by small vehicles, making us a truly singular provider of the tourism experiences we provide.

If you’re interested in a bus tour of Phillip Island and want to avoid generic tourist attractions, call The Little Penguin Bus today and learn more about the unique trips we can provide for your small group. We’re looking forward to showing Phillip Island to you in a fun, safe and informative way you never thought possible.