Whether you live in Melbourne or you’re just visiting, one thing you won’t want to miss is the Phillip Island Penguin Parade. A trip from Melbourne down to Phillip Island is an incredibly fun way to spend an evening for individuals, couples, and families. Phillip Island is home to many wildlife species including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and much more, but most people come for the penguins. The famous Penguin Parade features thousands of the smallest penguins in the world making their way in from the ocean at sunset every night. Visitors can view this event up-close from special viewing stands, designed to protect the penguins’ burrows and habitats from being damaged.

Penguins are one of the world’s most-loved animals. Although they often live in very cold climates, you can also find them in warmer areas in the southern hemisphere. These funny birds cannot fly but are champion swimmers. Most penguins spend at least half their time in the water; they can swim about two to four km/hr, leaping out of the water and diving deep to find food. There are many different types of penguins in the world, but the ones found on Phillip Island are known as Little Penguins.

About Little Penguins

Most penguins are black and white, but adult Little Penguins boast blue and white feathers instead. The dark blue colour of their backs and their white bellies help camouflage them in the water so they remain safe from predators overhead and underwater. They live in the water until the sun goes down, at which time they travel onto land for the night, while land-based predators are asleep. Although they have feathers and beaks and lay eggs, they are not flying birds; their flippers come in handy for swimming instead. You can tell males from females by looking at their beaks; females have thinner beaks, while males have hooked beaks. Little penguins eat a surprising amount of food: about a quarter of their body weight daily in small fish such as anchovies, red cod, and squid. If you’ve ever wondered why penguins waddle, it’s because this is the most efficient way for them to move on land. Their relatively big feet and tiny legs make walking awkward – but adorable.

Book a Melbourne Penguin Tour

Little Penguins live only in New Zealand and southern Australia. Phillip Island has just one remaining penguin colony, some of which you can view at the nightly Penguin Parade. About 32,000 Little Penguins call Phillip Island their home. At The Little Penguin Bus, we provide a unique and memorable service that allows travellers to experience the beauty of Phillip Island and its natural wildlife. For most people who visit Phillip Island, it will be their only time – so we make sure each tour is unforgettable. We book tours for small groups of only 11 people or fewer, so we can deliver a personalised service, getting to know our guests and providing them with lots of information about the penguins and the local area. You’ll travel on comfortable, air-conditioned mini-buses that are well-maintained and driven by experienced professionals. To book a tour to see the penguins from Melbourne to Phillip Island, contact The Little Penguin Bus today.