Avoid the Tourist Crowds, with a Mini Bus Tour of the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Australia. Between the remarkable coastal beauty of the road and the road’s presence on the Australian National Heritage List, it is a top destination for virtually anyone paying a visit to Victoria’s coast.

If you are allergic to crowds and tourist attractions, you might be a little bit hesitant to plan a trip to the Great Ocean Road. You want to see all of the spectacular vistas that the road has to offer, but you want to avoid the crowds. After all, the road—with its beautiful beaches, dramatic cliff sides and relaxing rainforests—is meant more for intimate experiences than huge tourist groups.

How The Little Penguin Bus Fixes the Tourism Problem

So how can you enjoy the Great Ocean Road without having each of your photo opportunities marred by dozens of other tourists jockeying for the perfect angle? At The Little Penguin Bus, we can help. We offer a mini bus tour of the Great Ocean Road. Our tours show off all of the key sites and best sights along the Great Ocean Road, just like the big bus tours do. What sets us apart from other tour companies, though, is the size of our tours.

Indeed, when we say ‘Great Ocean Road mini bus tours,’ we mean it. We tailor our tour packages to suit small groups. Each day tour only allows for a maximum capacity of 11 travellers. The small size of our tours makes it possible for our passengers to feel more comfortable while we are on the road and also creates a more intimate, personal experience. You will bond with fellow travellers and strike up a rapport with your driver and tour guide—things that rarely happen on larger tours.

Another factor that sets our Great Ocean Road mini bus tour apart from other bus tours of the road is that our small group sizes allow for more flexible itineraries. Because it’s so much easier from a logistical standpoint to plan a trip for 11 people than it is to plan a trip for 50, we can depart a little bit later in the day (9:30 am) than other tours. As a result of this later departure time, we can avoid most of the other tour buses travelling the same route. Dodging these other groups allows for more scenic and relaxed stops. Plus, since we are in a smaller vehicle, there are stops we can make that aren’t even accessible to larger buses.

Enjoy a More Intimate Trip, with a Great Ocean Road Mini Bus Tour

Sometimes, being part of a big tourist group can be fun. The Great Ocean Road, though, is better experienced as part of a small and tight-knit group. Most touring companies can’t offer that type of experience, but The Little Penguin Bus can! Call us today on (+61) 1800 466080 to book one of our mini bus tours of the Great Ocean Road.