Tour and See the Best of the Great Ocean Road with The Little Penguin Bus Day Tours

Are you one of those people who loves to “take the scenic route” any time you head out on a trip? Taking the time to appreciate the natural beauty of Australia isn’t hard to do when it’s all around you! Of course, some scenic drives are more interesting than others — and some are truly breathtaking experiences. For example, embarking on a Great Ocean Road day tour offers you the chance to see some of Australia’s most stunning natural sights all along one incredible road. If seeing these sights is something you’ve had on your mind for a while, The Little Penguin Bus is here to take you on an adventure!

Gather up your friends and family and get ready for a fantastic day tour of the Great Ocean Road in a truly small group. The Little Penguin Bus runs its tours seating just 11 people in our comfortable, modern minibus, allowing for a truly immersive experience. Not only does this allow our friendly guides to engage with each guest more directly, but we’ve also designed our itinerary to provide the most rewarding experience throughout the day. Take just a minute and consider all of the amazing fun you can have on one of our tours.

Make unforgettable memories with a Great Ocean Road day tour

First things first: departure is at 9.30 in the morning. While that does mean our excursion doesn’t return until later in the evening, it opens up an exceptional opportunity: we avoid travelling with the “pack” of other tour operators. In other words, we’ll have a much quieter, more enjoyable time as we visit the sights along the way. Speaking of the sights, what can you expect to see during one of our day tours of the Great Ocean Road?

From visiting the quaint town of Anglesea at the beginning of our day to the exquisite ocean views you’ll see all day long, there’s no shortage of amazing sights. We’ll visit Teddy’s Lookout (something many others miss out on) and of course take you down the Shipwreck Coast for a look at the 12 Apostles and other natural formations near the headlands. Don’t forget the other stops along the way, too — like classic pub fare for dinner on our ride home. All of this and we still offer an unbeatable price for each day tour we give.

Book with us today and see the beauty of nature up close

There is nothing else like the adventure of our Great Ocean Road day tours. There are hardly many other comparable experiences for scenic adventure seekers out there. With so much to see and do throughout the course of the day, we’re sure you’ll be well satisfied by the time we return from our excursion. We’re also sure you’ll get your money’s worth! We pride ourselves on delivering such a big experience at such a low cost. Check out reviews of our service on TripAdvisor for testimonials from many of our happy customers. Next, ring us to book! Reach us easily on 1800 466080 or book online.