Why You Should Book a Great Ocean Road Bus Tour Today

Perhaps you are visiting Australia for the first time and want to experience all of the amazing scenery that the country has to offer. Maybe you are a local and are just looking for a fun way to bond with family and appreciate the place you call home. Either way, a bus tour along the Great Ocean Road is the perfect way to spend a day.

About the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous roads in all of Australia—if not the entire world. Stretching for 243 kilometres along the southern coast of Victoria, the road is renowned for its beauty and its historical significance alike. Indeed, the Great Ocean Road is featured on the Australian National Heritage List, which documents the most significant locations on the continent.

The road itself was dedicated to Australian soldiers who died in combat during World War I. As such; the Great Ocean Road is not only a beautiful road trip route but also a massive war memorial.

Great Ocean Road bus tours are popular among locals and tourists alike, thanks to the road’s varied terrain and its plethora of gorgeous sights and photo opportunities. From the road, you’ll glimpse beautiful oceanic vistas and surfing breaks. You’ll see some of Victoria’s calmest and most picturesque towns, dotted along the coast and soaked in sunshine. You’ll see Australia’s rainforests and glimpse the koalas that call the eucalyptus trees home. You’ll visit quiet beaches perfect for thoughtful reflections and see solitary lighthouses standing guard over the waters of the sea. You’ll see precipitous cliffs, dropping off into the water like brick walls.

In short, you will see a lot from your seat on a Great Ocean Road bus tour. Best of all, if you book with The Little Penguin Bus, you will see it all in a day! Our bus tours last just long enough to appreciate all of the beauty that the Great Ocean Road has to offer, but not so long that they take up your whole vacation or become too long and boring for the kids. A day-long bus tour on the Great Ocean Road is the perfect stretch of time to unlock its many treasures, and we are happy to show you the way.

Book Your Bus Tour of the Great Ocean Road Today!

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