Phillip Island Wildlife Penguins and Farm Tour

Take a full hour to explore Moonlit Wildlife Sanctuary, home to all the Aussie wildlife you want to see in a natural bushland setting.
Enjoy a scenic drive around the edge of Westernport Bay to wonderful Phillip Island.…read more.

See One of Australia’s Most Iconic Sites, with a 12 Apostles Day Tour

No trip to the Victorian coast is complete without seeing the 12 Apostles. These remarkable limestone stacks—located near Victoria’s Port Campbell National Park and visible from the famous Great Ocean Road—are collectively one of the …read more.

Looking for Fun Group Tours? Take Your Friends or Family on an Unforgettable Tour of the 12 Apostles

When an opportunity comes up to take some time away from home and score some rest and relaxation, it makes sense to want to take advantage of that in the most efficient way possible. After all, you may only have a few days before the daily …read more.

Enjoy the Best Part of the Great Ocean Road, with a 12 Apostles Small Bus Tour

The Great Ocean Road is a remarkable stretch of road along the southern coast of Victoria, filled with gorgeous sites and scenic vistas that qualify easily as ‘life-affirming.’ If you have time for a full tour of the road, it’s worth the …read more.

Tour the 12 Apostles Like Never Before with Intimate Small Group Tours by The Little Penguin Bus

It’s easy at times to get so wrapped up in the details of our daily lives that we forget to stop and look at the world around us. The Earth has been turning and changing for millennia, and the evidence is everywhere if we care to notice. …read more.

Why You Should Book a Great Ocean Road Bus Tour Today

Perhaps you are visiting Australia for the first time and want to experience all of the amazing scenery that the country has to offer. Maybe you are a native and are just looking for a fun way to bond with family and appreciate the place …read more.

Tour and See the Best of the Great Ocean Road with The Little Penguin Bus Day Tours

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Great Options When You’re Looking to Book Great Ocean Road Group Tours

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Avoid the Tourist Crowds, with a Mini Bus Tour of the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Australia. Between the remarkable coastal beauty of the road and the road’s presence on the Australian National Heritage List, it is a top …read more.

Phillip Island Bus Tours Through Melbourne’s Best Little Tour Bus Company

Taking a bus tour when you’re travelling is an excellent way to see the countryside, but for people going in small groups, it doesn’t always seem practical. After all, hiring a bus can be an expensive affair, and you don’t …read more.

Tour with The Little Penguin Bus and See the Penguins of Phillip Island with Thrillingly Affordable Day Tours

For nature lovers, there’s no substitute for experiencing the real thing in person. No matter how many nature documentaries you’ve seen, nothing can replace the thrill of seeing wildlife and natural beauty in person. With Phillip Island …read more.

What to Expect When You Book a Night Tour on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a great place to visit if you are interested in seeing the great wildlife that the area has to offer – and for most visitors, the wildlife in question is the penguins! Penguins are beautiful and fascinating creatures and …read more.

Twelve Apostles Group Tours Let You Tour the Most Exciting Part of Great Ocean Road

If you’ve come to Melbourne as a tourist, you’ve probably heard about the Great Ocean Road. If you haven’t, then someone apparently hasn’t filled you in on this must-see national heritage site, which runs 243 kilometres along Australia …read more.

Take a Twelve Apostles Small Group Bus Tour with the Little Penguin Bus

If you’re looking for an express day trip adventure to one of the most beautiful and spectacular sections of the Great Ocean Road, the Little Penguin Bus has the perfect tour for you: the Twelve Apostles Bus Tour …read more.