The History of the Penguin Parade and Where to Book an Evening Tour in Melbourne

The green forests and pristine shores of Phillip Island are alive with scenery and native species, drawing many visitors each year. One of their favourite activities on Phillip Island is the Penguin Parade. As night falls, the Little Penguins scurry ... read more.

Book an Evening Tour with The Little Penguin Bus and See the Phillip Island Penguins Up-Close

Thousands of visitors each year flock to Phillip Island to see the Little Penguins make their way up the beach to their homes for the night. Several tour operators take guests to see the event, but only one Little Penguin ... read more.

Phillip Island Tour Packages and Cheap Tours with Deals that are Affordable and Fun

Penguins are such magical birds and being able to see the little penguins at Phillip Island is an experience you and your family will not forget. Little penguins (Eudyptula minor) are indeed the world’s smallest penguin species. They only stand ... read more.

Take a Tour to Phillip Island on our Little Bus for an Unforgettable Penguin Tour

The Penguin Parade at Phillip Island has been one of Melbourne’s most visited attractions and conservation efforts since the 1920’s. Taking a tour to Phillip Island to view the enchanting and entertaining little penguins is an experience that will delight ... read more.

Phillip Island Half Day Tour, Island Express Tours and VIP Penguin Tours to See the Penguins

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Family Friendly Budget Penguin Express Tours and Cheap Penguin Tours to Phillip Island

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Fun Facts about Penguins and Booking a Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tour from Melbourne

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Book Your Ultimate Adventure or Guided Ranger Tour to Phillip Island with The Little Penguin Bus

Have you dreamed of viewing the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island? This phenomenon draws many visitors to the area each year, excited to see the penguins in their natural surroundings making their nightly trek from the ocean up the beach ... read more.