Enjoy the Best Part of the Great Ocean Road, with a 12 Apostles Small Bus Tour

The Great Ocean Road is a remarkable stretch of road along the southern coast of Victoria, filled with gorgeous sites and scenic vistas that qualify easily as ‘life-affirming.’ If you have time for a full tour of the road, it’s worth the road trip. However, if you are crunched for time and still want to experience the best that the Great Ocean Road has to offer, then a visit to the 12 Apostles is a must.

At The Little Penguin Bus, we offer 12 Apostles small bus tours that last just nine and a half hours from departure to return. During that time span, you will enjoy a personal experience that’s closer to a family road trip than a bus tour to a popular tourism destination. Our small buses have space for just 11 people on each trip, leading to quieter and more intimate experience.

Learn about Australia from an Experienced and Informed Tour Guide

One of the best things about taking a small bus tour to the 12 Apostles (rather than a larger tour) is the bond you will form with your driver and tour guide. In larger tours, it’s easy to feel somewhat detached from your tour guide or to feel like your guide is just going through the motions for the hundredth time. When you book a tour with The Little Penguin Bus, you get a bus driver and tour guide who not only knows the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles very well but who will also go out their way to develop a rapport with you and your group.

Indeed, The Little Penguin Bus is known for friendly drivers who love to keep passengers entertained from the start of the tour to the finish line. With stories, commentary and detailed lessons about the history and heritage of the main sites, your tour guide will help to bring the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles alive for you.

When you arrive at the 12 Apostles itself, you will get the chance to experience the site from multiple angles and perspectives. View the limestone formations from beach level, overlook them from the top of a cliff or even take an optional helicopter flight to see them from the air.

The Little Penguin Bus: The Most Acclaimed 12 Apostles Small Bus Tour Around

If you are interested in experiencing the 12 Apostles firsthand, then The Little Penguin Bus is the perfect way to do it. On TripAdvisor, we are one of the most acclaimed Great Ocean Road bus tours in Melbourne, and one of the only ones offering a genuinely small and intimate experience. Indeed, we have an average five-star star rating on TripAdvisor out of 617 reviews. We have a ranking of number four on the list of ‘Outdoor Activities in Melbourne.’

Do you want to enjoy a small bus tour to the 12 Apostles, rather than loading onto a bus with 50 other people? Do you want to be regaled with tales of the Victorian coast by a fun and knowledgeable tour guide? Do you want to be home in time for dinner? If so, you can’t beat the experience you’ll get aboard The Little Penguin Bus. Call us on (+61) 1800 466080 to book your reservation with us today.