Looking for Fun Group Tours? Take Your Friends or Family on an Unforgettable Tour of the 12 Apostles

When an opportunity comes up to take some time away from home and score some rest and relaxation, it makes sense to want to take advantage of that in the most efficient way possible. After all, you may only have a few days before the daily grind calls you back to work. Why not spend your time off with close family members or your best friends, exploring some of Australia’s most vaunted natural wonders? The Little Penguin Bus makes it straightforward and easy to take express group tours to the 12 Apostles with an experience worth every penny of our highly affordable rates.

We understand that not everyone has the time to spend an entire day on a tour. With our trips to the 12 Apostles, we’ll hit “the best of the best” for an exciting day. No need to worry about your group needing to mingle with others, either — our minibus comfortably seats 11 individuals for a truly small group experience. It’s a friendly environment built around having fun and experiencing new things. We’ll take you directly to see the 12 Apostles as well as nearby sights like the Loch Ard Gorge. From our morning departure to our return early in the evening, you and your friends will be well taken care of throughout your 12 Apostles group tour.

Group tours of the 12 Apostles with a focus on the customer

The key feature of our group tours is the small setting. This way, you have more of a chance to interact with our guides. Getting to know them and listening to all the many stories they have is one of the best parts of the experience! If you have questions about the 12 Apostles as we explore the area, don’t hesitate to ask. Our knowledgeable team can probably tell you what you want to know.

Our express tour is focused directly on getting you to see the natural sights you’re after without wasting time. Our direct inland route to the coast is an excellent time to get to know your guide and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Don’t forget to take plenty of awesome pictures as we draw near to the 12 Apostles to share with your friends on Facebook and back home.

We’re ready to embark on an adventure with You today

Making your money do more for you when you want to take a short holiday or experience something new isn’t always easy. With the team at The Little Penguin Bus taking care of you, however, that’s exactly what you will receive. Our 12 Apostles group tours put a trip to these incredible and ancient formations in easy reach for you and your family. Whether you only have time enough for our express trip, or you’d like to see the whole of our Great Ocean Road tour, we have budget-friendly options waiting for you. Securing your tour through our website is simple — select the tours you want to book now. Don’t forget to read up on the itinerary!