See One of Australia’s Most Iconic Sites, with a 12 Apostles Day Tour

No trip to the Victorian coast is complete without seeing the 12 Apostles. These remarkable limestone stacks—located near Victoria’s Port Campbell National Park and visible from the famous Great Ocean Road—are collectively one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Australia. At The Little Penguin Bus, we can give you a chance to see this iconic site for yourself with a 12 Apostles day tour.

Why a Trip to the 12 Apostles Is Worthwhile

So why should you make time during your trip to visit the 12 Apostles? A day tour to the 12 Apostles is worthwhile if only because these amazing natural landmarks won’t be there forever. That much is proven by the very name of the site. The 12 Apostles is so named because there used to be 12 limestone stacks standing off the shores of Port Campbell National Park, all near one another. Over time, though, several of the stacks have collapsed due to wind, waves, rain and erosion.

Today, there are only eight apostles still standing. A ninth collapsed in July 2005. It seems inevitable that, eventually, the heavy waves and harsh conditions of Victoria’s southern coast will finally claim each and every one of the stacks. As such, it’s a good idea to come and see the remaining stacks for yourself while you still can. As remarkable as the 12 Apostles look in photographs, there is nothing compared to seeing them in person, with the winds off the ocean whipping through your hair.

The Little Penguin Bus: Plan Affordable and Expedited 12 Apostles Day Tours

The Little Penguin Bus makes experiencing the 12 Apostles firsthand easy, convenient and affordable. While you can see this natural landmark as part of one of our full Great Ocean Road tours, we also offer an ‘express tour’ to just the 12 Apostles. With this tour, you can make it out to the 12 Apostles, snap a few pictures and be back home in time for dinner.

One of the best things about planning a day tour to the 12 Apostles through The Little Penguin Bus is the small, intimate nature of the experience. We don’t believe in large touristy tours. Instead, we take out each our tours in a minibus that holds a maximum of 11 passengers. With such a small group, it’s easier to appreciate the beauty of the 12 Apostles, enjoy the best views and snap the best pictures.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one. While you would typically pay more for a smaller day tour of the 12 Apostles, that isn’t the case with The Little Penguin Bus. With us, you will pay the lowest possible price for a small group tour. That fact, combined with the 8:30 am departure and 6:00 pm return time (to Melbourne) makes The Little Penguin Bus the easiest and most affordable way to experience the 12 Apostles.

Don’t wait for another limestone stack to crumble before you visit the 12 Apostles. Call The Little Penguin Bus and book one of our 12 Apostles day tours today! You can make your reservation by calling (+61) 1800 466080 or you can book online from our website.